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March Update - West Coast Shipping, new packaging and more

Posted by Chris Howard on

We've made SugarDanny even better!

Well, it's been a busy six weeks since we sent the last update, and we wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about all of the exciting things we've been up to making SugarDanny even more awesome.

We hope to send these out every few months to keep you in the loop. It takes a village, and our hope in sharing a bit of the journey with all of our early customers and supporters is that you’ll continue to root for us and find ways to help.

Quick summary: We added West Coast shipping (CA, NV, WA, OR, ID, UT, AZ), moved into a new commercial kitchen to increase our capacity, we updated our packaging, launched 2 new cookies, added corporate ordering and events, added weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cookie subscriptions, and are offering a friend referral coupon through March to send cookies to friends. 

Here's more info about these updates:

 - WE ADDED WEST COAST SHIPPING!  Now you can ship cookies to WA, OR, ID, NV, UT, AZ, and all of CA. Our goal is to ship you the freshest cookies possible, within 1-2 days of baking. We're baking and shipping cookies Monday - Wednesday and they should arrive 1-2 days later. If you order after Wednesday, we'll roll your order to the following Monday. This means we no longer do delivery so Dan can stay focused on baking, not driving.
- As of 3/1, we've moved into a new commercial kitchen. This allows us to scale up our production as well as allow us to start using third party fulfillment partners to send out orders. Up to this point, we were limited by our home kitchen set up and had to do the deliveries ourselves. 6.5 hours in the car doing deliveries ... no bueno. Can't wait to able to reach more customers. 
 -  We have awesome new packaging in the works. Our new boxes look amazing, and will help keep the cookies safe in transit. We should start to see these in rotation toward the end of the month!  Thank you to Emily Larson Designs for doing all of our branding work! 
 - We made the individual cookie wrappers better by printing our logo on our cellophane bag (looks great, saves us time) and cleaned up our label to make it easier to read. We also added a QR code to our labels so if you pass the cookies to a friend, they can scan the link and will be dropped on our site.  All of these changes help us deliver an even better SugarDanny experience. 
 - We launched 2 new cookies for Valentine's Day - Coco & Cream and Red Velvet and they were a huge huge hit. Coco & Cream is now our #2 cookie behind our Classic Chocolate Chip. 
 - We enabled corporate orders & events! Now you can send SugarDanny to your coworkers, employees, clients, and team. Or feature SugarDanny at your next event. If you'd like to send cookies to more than 5 people, email us at and we can work through the details for your teams. We were proud to sponsor the Lincoln Elementary LobsterFest this past weekend to help raise money for the teachers and staff of our local school.
 - We also rolled out Subscriptions -- now you can automagically receive our Hall of Fame Sampler featuring our best cookies weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly without lifting a finger. See the check out options on the Hall of Fame Sampler, then Subscribe and Save.
 - Our Instagram crossed 300 followers. I know this seems small, but to us it means a lot. We love that you all are following along, leaving us feedback, and sharing SugarDanny with your friends -- thank you! Here's a highlight -- The Cap'n Crunch account liked our PB Crunch cookie photos. We're famous! 
 - The feedback about SugarDanny continues to be amazing, and we've added some testimonials below. We launched a reoccurring survey for new customers to leave us feedback and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 100! That's better than Costco (79), Starbucks (77), and Target (43). We're off to a good start! 

What's Next? 
 - We're working on a few new cookies. Tell us what flavors you'd like to see by emailing
 - We're looking into launching a loyalty and referral program. Some of you are frequent cookie purchasers, for yourself and sending to friends, and we want you to earn perks. More to come ... 

How can you help?
 - Share with friends. If you use the code SHARE20 at check out, take 20% off your order through the end of the month and we'll send your friends some cookies. Be sure to leave us a note you'd like us to include in the special instructions at checkout, and include the recipient’s phone number in case we run into any issues delivering the gift.
 - Leave us a review on Share your favorite cookies, and leave us a review. We'll track all of the reviews and the three people to leave the most reviews in March will receive a free box of cookies.
 - And don't forget to share on the gram too! Tag us on Instagram (@sugardannybakery) when you share your SugarDanny experience, we love seeing how we're sparking joy for customers

Thanks as always for your support, for more regular updates you can follow us on Instagram and we'll be back in May or June to give you another update. 

Sweet, Salty, Legendary! 
Team SugarDanny

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