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Introducing the BEST Snickerdoodle!

"What kind of sorcery is this! This is seriously the best Snickerdoodle I've ever had!"

The Perfect Gift!

Send cookies to friends, family, neighbors, or work colleagues. Next day shipping, beautiful packaging, handwritten notes - the perfect gift.

"OMFG. These are the best chocolate chip cookies!"

"My family was fighting over these cookies! I had to hide them so their dad could have some."

Order the Hall of Fame Sampler!

Featuring 4 of the best SugarDanny cookies in one great sampler - Classic Chocolate Chip, Everybody Loves S'Mores, Coco & Cream, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip. Also available as a subscription.

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Those are deadly cookies, lethal weapons seriously. I opened one thinking I'll have half, finished the whole thing and going back for more!

I ate one alone in the pantry today because I didn't want to share.

We eat a lot of cookies in this house and these are seriously some of the BEST cookies we have ever had. They were so good my husband and I couldn't bear sharing then with our young kids so we hid them :)

Each bite is a perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate and the peanut butter bits taste like real peanut butter and they don't disappear a second later but persist as long as the chocolate does so it stays perfectly balanced throughout the entire bite.

Great Gift Idea. Seemed like too many cookies but really happy I got this. Shared a lot during the holidays but the entire (Hall of Fame Sampler) would make a really good gift for any time of year. Awesome cause they deliver too!

GOAT Cookies. I don't have much of a sweet tooth anymore but these cookies are perfect because they have a hint of salt which makes it soooo good. Chocolate chip and s'mores are my favorites.

The best cookies! My first reaction was: get the rest of these away from me! The cookies are unreal and the packaging is fantastic. This makes for a great gift or a nice way to treat yourself to gourmet cookies. You can tell they were made fresh.

AMAZING!! These cookies are absolutely fantastic!! The cookies were delicious and fresh! I could certainly tell that SugarDanny is using the best ingredients too!!! Highly recommend!!

THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! My family was fighting over these cookies! I had to hide them so their Dad could have a couple when he got home. They are the perfect mix of salty and sweet. So good!